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"With their intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics the band takes on subjects such as depression, fake news and betrayal by both friends and our leaders, and our attempts to find solace through denial and/or self-medication."
-Eclectic Music Lover EP Review

"The music of After Aristotle comes from a deep need to share and connect with other humans. We all found a lot of comfort and solace in music growing up. As a band, that's the kind of music we aim to create for others now. "

-Kera Krause (vocals/ukulele)


Austin based Indie Rock band After Aristotle formed in late 2016. Each member of the band came from a very different musical background. With pop punk inspired guitar, heavy dreams and a poetic, melodic lyrical style, After Aristotle's music has an eclectic and unique sound.

The band released their debut EP "A Guide To Open Minds" in January of 2018. This 5 song album was recorded and produced by local audio wizard Abram Ulve at his home studio in Leander, TX. This first album deals a lot with anxiety and self discovery. Throughout their lives, each member of the band has found comfort in music and dealt with mental health issues in their own way. This EP was written with the hope that others might find similar comfort, or even just a moment's peace jamming to one of the songs.

Currently, After Aristotle is working on writing their second album, to be released sometime in 2019. 

Promo Photo By Alyssa West

- Photo By Alyssa West of Hideout Photography -

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